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Throw Pillow Completion!

Realization of the day: I am an adult who spends a lot of her free time playing with rainbows. Not sure what that says about me, but I sure am happy about this throw pillow!

Other than a fat quarter for the backing and a few dollars worth of cording for the trim I had almost all the materials on hand. I pieced the top using only scraps, some of them impossibly small castoffs from squaring up my Good Fortune Quilt. The patchwork is a combination of 3 inch squares and 1.25 inch strips, for a final 20×20 pillow. I had a lot of fun auditioning scraps to achieve a gradual color change from purple to green. And to make the little windows of color pop I decided to keep the quilting very simple — just a little straight line quilting around each “window pane”.
This was my first pillow, and my first time using piping. I can see how these could become dangerously addictive, especially since I still have two unused pillow forms hanging around!
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