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Costumes and a break (in more ways than one)

I am taking a forced break from my sewing machine. I pushed it a little too far while I was working on a wool costume cloak, and now Big Red is in the shop for a week or two. Note to future self: sewing a decorative stitch through 8 layers of coating wool + 4 layers of velvet is an unkind thing to do. Poor Big Red!

Handmade Wool Cloak

McCall'sEven if the cloak did break my machine, I still really like it. The cloak is based off of McCall’s Pattern # 4139, but I chose to make a few modifications — the hood is lined, and it closes with a clasp instead of ties (which made me revise the hood shape a little).  The cloak itself is made from heavy coating wool, and lined with dark purple velvet. No more trick or treating in the cold — this thing is warm and cozy!

I finished the edges with a rolled over hem, and added a row of decorative stitches in purple. I also added top stitching throughout the cloak for strength, and finished all the seams. Neither were called for by the pattern, but the fabrics were so nice that I wanted to go all out.

So… it’s likely that this will be the last finish for a little while. Big Red should be back in 1-2 weeks, and I hope to have the rest of my Summer Solstice Quilt cut and ready to piece then!


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