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Family stockings and a quick baby toy

Santa’s workshop has kicked into high gear over here, and it has left me with very little that I can safely share! On the bright side, once the gifts have been given and there’s no more risk of spoiling the surprise I’ll have plenty of makes to share. In the meantime, I do have a few finishes to share for Finish It Up Friday.

Hexi stocking, by Stitchified

The first is a stocking for our new baby which has been in my WIP pile for the better part of a year. It feels great to finally get it done! I made the rest of the family’s stockings almost three years ago, as one of my very first sewing projects. It was pretty entertaining to go back and revisit an old project. I remembered it being a little more involved, but this one really did get slapped together quickly and without issue. I designed the baby’s stocking to compliment her big sister’s, by choosing a similar color palette of lime, pink and aqua. To piece the stocking, I used a mini hex-n-more ruler and rocked a lot of baby wearing. I’m happy to say that my piecing lined up pretty well, which is good because tiny piecing + having to rip out a million stitches makes me cranky! So, there we have it, one last stocking to represent the baby who finished completed our little family of four.

Family Stockings, by Stitchified

I love seeing all four stockings hanging on the wall. Each one is as individual as its owner, but they all work well together — it’s like our family, but in stocking form.

My second project was a little last minute, but a lot of fun. We had the pleasure of meeting up with some friends and their new baby a few days after Thanksgiving, but I didn’t have time around a sewing machine over the Thanksgiving break. So I quickly cut out a few pentagons and hand stitched a set of stuffed toy balls (haha, there must be a nice way to phrase that? Hmm…) with EPP. The baby has a little Boston Terrier at home, so I was pretty excited to find the perfect fabric in my stash. I added a bit of crinkly paper and a makeshift raffle and BOOM! Insta-baby present.

And now I’m diving back in to finish up some last minute Christmas gifts to put under the tree. Wishing all my readers the best of luck with their holiday sewing!

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