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Found: Purple Kenmore 158.48!


Hey, remember that time I gifted a pink Kenmore 158.47 to my sister in law, fell in love, and swore I would hunt down a purple one for myself? Well, mission accomplished, folks. Meet my unicorn the Kenmore 158.48:

Isn’t she the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? Crazy retro dial? Check! Heavy on the chrome? Check! Purple? Checkity-check! And her cabinet is totally gorgeous, too. 

Ok, so she might have a case of pin-rash. And, unlike the one I restored for my sister in law, this one was pretty freaking neglected and, let’s be honest — beat to shit. Someone ran the bobbin winder without a bobbin tire and made a mess of her paint job. Her motor also sounds a little rough, so I’m not going to put her through her paces until that’s been addressed (read: no touching until I’m a little more comfortable with motor restoration!). 

But! The important thing is that I rescued her and fully intend to spoil her rotten. Starting with a replacement cam set that I found on eBay 🙂 


SewTogetherBagI am very lucky to have a support network that contains a few female powerhouses. And this year has made me particularly grateful for each and every one of them. 

Which is why I was extra happy to stealth-make a #SewTogetherBag for my dear friend, and kindred spirit, MamaPeaches. And mail it off as a surprise just because. Bwhaha. Yep, I’m sneaky like that. 

This bag came together easily, even if it did take me a month to actually finish. It is definitely easier the second time around!. I used both my Featherweight (master top-stitcher!) and my Horizon (hooray for layer-devouring Accufeed!) which is becoming a favorite setup for bag-making projects. The exterior is an Echino print, and the interior is Essex Linen in sand. The zippers are, of course, from Zipit including an exterior brass zipper which is completely drool worthy. 

Quality testing sewtogetherbag

All zippers underwent rigorous quality control testing, and passed with high marks for “swishyness.”

And while I tried to tone down my usual rainbowgasm palette, I just *had* to hide a few splashes of color in the pocket linings. For added luxury, the needle pad is a double layer of turquoise wool felt, and the mini pin cushion is wool-stuffed. I hope she likes it! 

SewTogether InsideAnd now, in closing, a little PSA: Every quilter needs at least one of these bags. Pattern here. They are a must have for EPP and sewing retreats. Seriously. Friends don’t let quilty friends go without. Besides, secret sewing is pretty much the best! 🙂

Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at CrazyMom!

Selfish Sewing 241 Tote Style


I’ll be honest… all that applique for Patchwork Elephants on Parade left me pretty burnt out on the sewing front. So last Saturday morning, my Mini Me and I decided to make something just for me. And that thing? The 241 Tote by Noodlehead.

I have had my eye on this bag for ages — like Evernote says I bought the pattern over a year ago.

At any rate, fabric auditions were held and we decided on a teal textured cotton, linen, and of course, a feature print from Tula Pink’s Acacia collection. The bag is lined with Alison Glass’s feathers in pink. For the most part, I stuck to the pattern though I did add a zipper pocket to the inside. Oh, and I modified the strap so I could wear the bag across my shoulders (easier for toddler wrangling!). 

241 tote - inside pocket, by stitchified

And on the opposite side of the liner is another pocket, specially sized for my iPhone. Happiness folks. Pure happiness.

inside 241 tote, by stitchified

The end result is a little, errrr, bold. I think it’s a bag that only a quilter could love, but it makes me happy inside.  

241 Tote Bag, by Stitchified

I haven’t been brave enough to bring my bag to the office, but I did take it for a spin at the mall (and nobody complained about its loudness!).   The bag may be totally impractical fashion-wise, but it makes me happy just the same. The moral of the story here? We should all treat ourselves more often! A fun diversion here and there is well deserved 🙂 

Happy sewing!


A Perfect Mother’s Day


I was spoiled rotten on Mother’s Day, as I hope all Moms were! Not only did I receive a new camera, but I was also given the day off to do whatever my heart desired. Naturally, I choose to sew up a strap cover for my new toy. In linen!

I even convinced myself to cut into my Heather Ross stash. I just adore her prints and treated myself to five fussy cuts. The city mouse/country mouse are my favorites here — A mama mouse with a baby carrier, and little farmer’s market treats sprinkled here and there? Come on!
For the strap’s design, I loosely interrupted this camera strap tutorial by Candace @ Saltwater Quilts. The project came together quickly and easily, though as it turns out my camera strap is a lot narrower than the average. So while Candace’s tutorial includes an on-board lens cap pocket (how cool is that!?), mine is much too small and narrow for that. Not to worry though, the mini-pocket is still handy for spare SD cards.

And here we are, all set to go! Hopefully one of the last iPhone pictures around here for awhile 🙂